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    Nationally our Libertarian Party message for personal liberty is being welcomed. Exciting times are in front of us and our Libertarian message focused on individual liberty.
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    I stand for family: Our families are most often our first priority in life. Ensuring shelter, food, clothing, and security at a minimum.
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    In a word, Alaskans are "Tough". You find them outside gathering firewood, walking their dogs, etc... in extreme low temps. We go out on in extremely cold conditions and just fight through the cold. Our kids are tough, our adults are tough, and our Alaskan spirit is tough.
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    Real change is working towards limited and more effective government, a positive cash flow & balance budgets, and instead of our US troops being stationed in 133 countries I will bring them home to defend our borders and contribute to our economy.
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    Hello Beautiful People, well here's a picture of me in my bowtie I had picked out to wear during Saturday's June 7, 2014 Colony Days Parade. I enjoyed seeing so many family & friends out there at the picturesque downtown Palmer location.
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    Above is the announcement that was read as our AK Libertarian float passed by the review stand. My friend Carolyn Clift for AK governor joined me and together we participated in this superb event. Carolyn & I both so enjoyed the opportunity to chat with so many wonderful Mat-Su Alaskans.
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    The Alaskan Libertarian Party:
    • Jim McDermott, from Fairbanks AK, University Professor, Retired U.S. Air Force, Candidate U.S. House of Representatives.
    • Carolyn Clift, from Anchorage AK, Retired Public School Teacher, Candidate for Governor of Alaska.
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    Fairbanks Midnight Sun Festival
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    Janet and I at the Fairbanks Midnight Sun Festival
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    Soldotna Parade
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    Soldotna Parade
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    Soldotna Parade

Alaskan Libertarian, Free Thinker, and Critical Thinker for U.S. Congress 2014

Jim McDermott: active UAF School of Management Business Instructor, a faculty advisor for entrepreneurship student led organization, currently a small business counselor, retired US Air Force, and former director of the Fairbanks Small Business Development Center. Alaskan Libertarian for US Congress 2012 & 2014.

I taught at Wayland Baptist University teaching business information system/technology related course work. Educator for Axia College teaching critical thinking skills class. Former student advisor for the University of Alaska, Anchorage working within Enrollment Services. Educational Advisor and college recruiter for DeVry University 2002-2003.

I’m a retired Senior NCO (Non Commission Officer) from the United States Air Force (USAF) after 22 years of service to my country. The lessons (theory & application) learned in leadership that I obtained while in the USAF are priceless.

My educational background consists of a B.S. in Occupational Education with an emphasis on Business Administration from Wayland Baptist University, Anchorage, AK. Additionally, I have a M.S. in Business Organizational Management with a concentration in Information Technology from the University of La Verne.

As far as my personal life goes I have a best friend & wife named Janet. We have a blended family consisting of seven children, and 15 wonderful grandchildren. I like to read books on numerous subjects but recently capitalism vs. socialism, small business, and body language topics are the most read and studied. I try to read the local News Paper daily, I play a mean game of Trivial Pursuit, and I really enjoy playing card games with my family.

As a youth I grew up in Providence R.I. and as a young adult in the U.S. Air Force I was stationed in Maryland, Guam, Germany, Arkansas, and finally here in Alaska. Alaska became my permanent home. I enjoy my relationships (professional and personal) with family, friends, clients, colleagues, students, and God.

Jim McDermott, M.S.
AK Libertarian for US Congress
University Instructor
Small Business Counselor
MSgt. Retired U.S. Air Force
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Hi, I'm James McDermott.

On this July 4th "Independence Day" holiday weekend it is my great honor to announce my run for the US House of Representatives in the upcoming General election 2014. The opportunity to be a voice representing Alaskans in Washington DC is an exciting prospect. When elected I will represent our Alaskan independent mindset and ensure a focus on personal liberty. Alaskans, it's time to send a Libertarian to DC to represent the high-quality, self-reliant, and fiercely pro personal liberty, people of Alaska. Live free my friends.

I'm currently running for Congress because I believe I can make a difference for Alaskans, and the great country we're a part of.

Many of our citizens are not very happy with the DC gang that couldn't shoot straight. Folks I believe we do have more than two political choices. Alaskans, we are standing straight in front of you and we are the libertarians for "Personal Liberty". Live free.

The national Libertarian Party has asked me for my permission to post this current Web page picture nationally. Permission granted. Hey duopoly members; we the Libertarians, free thinkers, and critical thinkers are coming to DC soon. Live free patriots for liberty.



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